Monday, December 12, 2011

Using Mindfulness with 7th Grade Students

Right now in 7th grade guidance classes we are learning about stress and specifically focusing on ways to help manage/combat regular, everyday stressors. For the past two classes, I have been teaching my students how to relax using mindful techniques. We have done several different exercises: focusing on breathing, sitting in calm, and a progressive muscle relaxation. I have used the chime I wrote about in the previous posting as well as relaxation music as tools to help this process. Once everyone has settled into the practice, they have been engaged and seem to enjoy it. It is interesting because these classes meet first period so many of the students are still a bit sleepy. I wonder how it would work at a different point in the day. I'm trying to reinforce with them that these are practices that can be done anywhere. Focusing on your breath can help right before a test or presentation in class and no one needs to know you are accessing it.